Noninvasive Vascular Treatments with the Icon Aesthetic System™

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If vascular lesions, rosacea and spidery veins caused by broken capillaries make you self-conscious, they can be easily removed using new noninvasive laser technology. Advances in the use of lasers and light sources allow Tahoe Sierra Aesthetic System to successfully treat vascular conditions that were previously inoperable with the Icon Aesthetic System.


How Does Laser Vascular Treatment Work?

Laser vascular treatments with the Icon quickly heal rosacea, vascular lesions, spider and reticular veins without damaging the surrounding skin. The process is simple. Concentrated laser light is absorbed by the blood and directed to the blood vessels. Laser energy causes the blood vessels to naturally disintegrate and restores the skin’s clear, unblemished appearance.


Noticeable improvement can be seen following just one 30 minute laser vascular treatment. Depending on the patient’s condition, multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve the best results.

What to Expect During Laser Vascular Treatment

Laser vascular treatments with Icon are practically free from pain and side effects. Some people feel slight discomfort when the laser is applied, but are usually able to resume their normal activities immediately following treatment. After the session, redness and warmth at the treatment site are not uncommon and typically do not last long.


Clear, unblemished skin is just 30 minutes away! Contact Tahoe Sierra Aesthetic Laser to set up an appointment or consultation today.

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