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How long does it take?

What results are expected?

Side effects?

What does post-treatment look like?

25 minutes per treated area

24% permanent fat pocket reduction in as little as 6 weeks, 12 weeks for optimum results

None reported and there is no downtime after treatment

1 hour per treatment area

22% permanent fat pocket reduction in 8-16 weeks

Swelling, bruising, numbness and pain can persist for weeks and may require medication

How many treatments are needed?

Visible results after 1 treatment. Technology feathers treatments into one another

Many treatments need. Shelving of layers of fat can occur w/ multiple treatments

Is it painful?

Non-suction applicator is usually well tolerated, can workout the following day

Applicator is suction-based, during and post-procedure is very tender and uncomfortable

How many areas can be treated at one time?

Four small applicators allow one large area or multiple smaller areas to be treated at once

One applicator means on one large area can be treated at a time

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