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Tahoe Sierra Aesthetic Laser is proud to bring you The High Altitude Laser Facial. Practicing at altitude since 2005, Dr. Camp looks at eyes and the surrounding skin on the face under a microscope and sees the effects of altitude accelerate the aging process.


The Truckee/North Tahoe area and the greater surrounding areas of Reno and Northern California attract people who demand to live an active, outdoor lifestyle. Such people usually eat right, get adequate exercise and are vigilant about taking proper care of themselves. One area that gets neglected in overall health, perhaps because of a relative absence of community-wide education, is protecting the skin, especially on the face, from the aging effects of the mountain sun. This results in a lot of healthy, active skin in the mountains with skin that looks much older than their fitness level or age suggests.

Well, we can now fight back with the High Altitude Laser Facial. The High Altitude Laser Facial is customized to roll back the years on your appearance and to protect you going forward. It includes a Comprehensive Adonia Facial Skin Analysis, a consultation with Dr. Camp, use of the appropriate lasers with the appropriate recovery time, education on sun-avoidance and protection, the use of appropriate anti-aging medical-grade skin products to protect your laser investment and regular follow-up with Tahoe Sierra Aesthetic Laser. This package is customized for every patient.


Can someone who doesn't live at altitude have the High Altitude Laser Facial? Of course, someone who has had less sun exposure over the years doesn't have as far to go when using the techniques of the High Altitude Laser Facial to get younger, healthier skin. Again, it's about optimizing your skin and then protecting it while maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

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